What is 2019’s Best Sports Betting System?

The best system for sports betting is a combination of the best value-finding strategies that have a proven track record and also a level of stability and reliability. Do not miss this article to know the best betting strategies of 2019 on Betamin Builder (an online football statistics analysis tool) and how they can be used in combined multi-strategy betting systems depending on a bettor’s focus: for high profits, for high yields or for low risk bank protection.

Betaminic is a website that has a free online tool for analysing soccer statistics and historical bookmaker odds. By analysing past data of over 100,000 matches, winning patterns can be found. For example, there are some leagues where backing over 2.5 goals in certain conditions leads to profit long term. Betaminic’s tool, the Betamin Builder, allows you to find those value patterns. There is also a way to have future picks from those profitable trends emailed to you so that you can bet on them. Basically, if you can find what betting system would have made profit in the past, it gives you a promising strategy to follow in the future. You can sign up for free here and see for yourself.

Betaminic has been available to the public since 2017 and has grown quickly. Currently, there are over 200 shared strategies available on the site. Some of them have been researched and created by Betaminic and their team, and some have been created and shared by ordinary users. All the strategies have been created from researching Betaminic’s large database of odds and football statistics. After signing up for free, you can click on the “public strategies” section (A) and see all the strategies. The strategies can be viewed in two ways, the “All Results” view, which includes all the data used in the research period and the actual results since it was created; and secondly there is a “Since shared” view (B), which only includes the actual results since the strategy was created. The great advantage of the “Since shared” views is that we can see the strategies that are actually in profit and making money for real. We can then click on the online table (C) to rank the data anyway we like. We can rank them by Betaminic rating, total profit, by yield, by average odds, by average number of bets per month, by biggest losing run (maximum drawdown), by win rate and even by the number of users who follow these winning systems. When choosing which strategies to follow,  the “Since shared” view is highly recommended since you can see real proof of positive results and profitable performance.


The Best of 2019

With so much choice, and the profitable strategies having a variety of characteristics, it can be hard to know which ones to choose and how to start. To make things easier, we are going to rank the top 10 strategies in five categories: for highest profit, highest yield, lowest drawdown (i.e. with the smallest losing runs, therefore being better for conservative bettors who want to protect their bank), best Betaminic rating and by Big Data set size. We will also show a final Overall Summary Table of the best performers. As a basic filter, only strategies with over 100 bets in their since shared data set and yields over 3% have been ranked. The Top 10 strategies in each category will be ranked using the official “Since shared” view except for the lowest drawdown which will be ranked using the “All results” view.

Note: these are the results until 28/12/2019. Current results may change.

Top 10 Winners by Profit

Profits No. 1: OVER

The OVER strategy by user okkidokki69 has been one of the stand out best strategies this year topping the profit charts with 60 points. Since being shared it has over 400 bets which is a good data set to judge a strategy by. It has a yield of 13.98% which is excellent. This strategy focuses on the over 2.5 goals market where matches are unlikely to end in a draw and the user has put a lot of research into this one by individually selecting teams that have a good track record of high scoring games. The extra research from this user has paid off with amazing results. Looking into the historical results of this strategy, it has not had a losing month in the past 14 months. This truly is a remarkable strategy and that is reflected in its Betaminic rating of 100 and its 63 followers. Many thanks to okkidokki69 for sharing this one with the users of the Betaminic community.


 Profits No. 2: Colossus 06 Scoring Away Overs

This is another over 2.5 goals strategy and is from Tom Whitaker’s 2018 book Winning Sports Betting Strategies, and is the second best performing strategy in terms of profit with 36 points. It has been a good long term performer and has a low drawdown of just -14 points since created and -23 points in its research data set making it an easy strategy to follow. It also has a large number of bets (450) in its data set to support its pattern and above average yield of 8.20%.

Profits No. 3: Colossus 12 Bore Draw

This is another strategy from Tom Whitaker’s book Winning Sports Betting Strategies and this one focuses on the draw. After 600 bets since going live it has a good yield of 6%. Most professional gamblers view over a 5% yield after such a number of bets as a good performance. The draw is one of the more unfancied bets for punters since it is not so “fun” to watch a game hoping for a draw. With the lack of market correction from interested bettors, there are opportunities to find value in the draw odds.

Profits No. 4-10:

From the next 6 strategies there are 2 that stand out as being worthy of highlighting. DOUBE CHANCE by nirnouta50 and Missing Draws – Top Leagues by Maxi both have very good yield to go with their high profits of 17% and 23% respectively. Both of them are worth adding to your betting portfolio or keeping an eye on for future consideration. DOUBE CHANCE picks up on home teams facing a stronger away opponent and backs the home team to get something out of their tough home fixture. How many times have we seen away teams with big names go odds on and then stumble to a draw as the home team digs in for their home fans. This strategy finds those games. If you like rooting for the underdog, then this is a great one to follow and enjoy watching the game live. Missing Draws – Top Leagues is created by user Maxi who also created the Golden 6 set of draw strategies which were based on very logical footballing premises. Here he has improved on his previous strategy and we can see it doing very well after 135 bets. Over 2.5 Total Share by Dell73 was highlighted in our Best of 2018 article (2nd place for yields) as one for 2019 and so it has proved, with some good profits and a healthy yield of 6% after 507 bets.

Top 10 Winners By Yield

 Yields No.1: Missing Draws – Top Leagues

This strategy was ranked 8th in the profit table, but takes 1st place in the yield’s table with a stunning 23% after 134 bets. This draw back strategy has a low drawdown of -12 in its live period and -25 in its research period and has an incredible 7 straight months of profits in its live period.

The same user has 3 other draw strategies in the Top 10 Yields which are Mid Table Team with a 13% yield, Golden 6.6 – Draws are in late (created by Maxi) with 11% yield and Despised away team with 12% yield. Maxi has some great ideas for strategies, so it is always a good idea to take a closer look at them.


DOUBE CHANCE by nirnouta50 gets 2nd place for yields in addition to its 5th place for profits. This is a double chance strategy that bets on the home win or draw. It has a 17% yield after 193 bets which is a positive sign of a good pattern. The average odds are 2.68 which is good value considering we just need a home win or draw. As mentioned before, DOUBE CHANCE picks up on home teams facing a stronger away opponent and backs the home team to get something out of their tough home fixture. How many times have we seen away teams with big names go odds on and then stumble to a draw as the home team digs in for their home fans. This strategy finds those games. If you like rooting for the underdog, then this is a great one to follow and enjoy watching the game live.


Yields No.3: OVER

This over 2.5 goals backing strategy takes 3rd place in yields in addition to its 1st place in profits.

Yields No.4-10

OVER TOTAL is another strategy by okkidokki69 which has uses less picks than his OVER strategy. OVER TOTAL has 13% yield after 134 bets and has a high Betaminic rating of 24 which indicates a strong pattern. Again, he has hand-picked teams that he feels have a higher tendency for over 2.5 goal matches. With the OVER strategy he included an element of odds filtering, but with this OVER TOTAL strategy there is no odds filtering, but there are less teams featured in his list. Pro5 Undefeated Home Dog (8%) and Colossus 06 Scoring Away Overs (4.5%) also make the yields top 10. HOMES YENI SHARE backs home underdogs and has higher average odds of 3.26 but makes a great 11% yield after 183 bets.

Top 10 Winners by Maximum Drawdown

This table ranks the top strategies by maximum drawdown (Max DD) from their “All Results” data to find the top 10 in terms of drawdown. For those who have larger banks and the primary concern is to protect the bank and grow it with minimum risk, then this ranking provides a good order of addition to a multi-strategy low risk portfolio.

Low Max DD No.1: Colossus 03 Free Scoring Favourites

This strategy backs favourites with odds under 1.44 in certain leagues. While the yield is lower than the other strategies at just 3.81% it is a good strategy for conservative bettors since it has a high win rate of 79% and it has a very low drawdown of -8.6 after 385 bets. That is an incredible run. With the right staking plan, this kind of strategy could generate even more profits. Interestingly, this strategy was ranked 3rd in the drawdown table last year and it has improved on that position over the year. It is a good sign that this has found a real pattern in the odds.


Low Max DD No. 2: No Draw Expected

This is a double chance 12 bet, which means it is betting on a home or away win, it only loses if the match ends in a draw. The user Goliath, has found another nice low odds, high win rate strategy that is good for conservative bettors. It only has an all-time drawdown of -9.56 after 161 bets. He looks for games where both teams drew their last match and backs the next game not to be a draw. For those who also trade on betting exchanges this is a great match selection strategy for Lay The Draw trading. The live period drawdown of -5.78 points is a really positive sign for bank protection. This is another one that people can enjoy backing and watching live, because you are hoping for either team to score and get the win.


Low Max DD No. 3: Pro-Home

This home backing strategy by user Luisbang has been highlighted by Betaminic in the past by email and the major point here is that after over 400 bets it still only has a drawdown of -9.89 points in its research period and just -5.58 in its live period. The basic idea is to bet on home favourites with a good goals average meaning it is likely they will score the goals they need to win the game. It has a high win rate of 77% and 4.24% yield after 406 bets is a strong sign of a real pattern in the odds. This is reflected in its Betaminic rating of 13.


Top 10 Winners by Betaminic Rating

The Betaminic rating system is designed to find out how strong a strategy’s pattern is and give a quick, easily understood indicator of how likely the strategy is to continue in its trend. It would take time to continually analyse and re-rank strategies by profit, yield, drawdown, total bets and so on, so the Betaminic rating system does the hard work and we can simply click on the Public Strategies page or My Strategies page and see everything ranked in order by this rating mechanism. It is interesting to see that the top ranking strategies in the profit, yield and drawdown tables are reflected in the ratings table. This means the ratings mechanism is picking up the best strategies effectively.

Betaminic Rating No.1: OVER

With a perfect score of 100, OVER leads the pack with high profits (60 points) and high yield (13.98%).

Betaminic Rating No.2: Colossus 06 Scoring Away Overs

With a strong score of 32, this over 2.5 goals strategy continues to produce profits over the long term since 2018 with 36 points after 450 bets and a yield of 8%.

Betaminic Rating No.3: DOUBE CHANCE

With a strong score of 27, this 1X (home or draw) backing strategy has made 33 points profit from 193 bets giving it a yield of 17%.

Betaminic Rating No.4-10

All of the strategies in this table show good, strong patterns and can be chosen according to your betting style. OVER is the real stand out strategy at the moment and should be in everyone’s portfolio.

Top 10 Winners by Big Data  

In one of Tom Whitaker’s recent YouTube videos from his Big Data Betting channel, he encouraged the idea of putting the “big” back into big data betting strategies. By that he meant that strategies with more bets in their live period since shared should be valued higher than those with fewer bets in their data set to support their results. In this ranking we list by the number of bets a strategy has actually made since being shared or going “live”.

Big Data No.1: Colossus 19 No Favourite Unders Draw

This strategy has over 950 bets since shared and after all of those it still has a yield of 3.49%. While it does have a large drawdown of -64, it is a good example of how mispriced odds trends can be exploited long term to beat the bookies at their own game. It shows that over time, the bookmakers can be beaten.

Big Data No.2: ALL LEAGUES Draw Breaking Trend

This is another Betaminic strategy that was created a long time ago and shared in January 2018. Nearly 2 years later it is still producing long term profits and a yield of 3.06% after 797 bets. The trust in this strategy is reflected by the 71 users following it. With the right staking plan, these results can be leveraged to produce even more profit.

Big Data No.3: Colossus 12 Bore Draw

This draw backing strategy posts an impressive 6% yield after 600 bets. That is better than some professional bettors. Its -35 drawdown makes it a much better option than the Colossus 19 and produces better yields. Disciplined betting over the long term can generate good returns.

Overall Summary Table

We have ranked the top 10 strategies in five categories: for highest profit, highest yield, lowest drawdown, best Betaminic rating and by Big Data set size.

In the following table, the 10 best strategies are found, highlighting their strengths in bold green.

OVER is the best performing strategy of 2019. If its over 2.5 goal bet results continue into 2020, then it will be a great start to the new year. DOUBE CHANCE gives an opportunity to diversify into a different betting market with the 1X bet on home or draw results still making profit. Colossus 06 Scoring Away Overs has been going since August 2018 and is still going well, needing only 30 picks per month. Pro-Home gives users a conservative low drawdown high win rate strategy. Missing Draws – Top Leagues gives a high yield option. Colossus 12 Bore Draw is backed by big data, 600 bets in its live period data set to support its 6% yield pattern.


Where do I start? How can we use this information? – Multi-Strategy Systems

Some of the high profit strategies, such as OVER have enough picks and profit per month to be followed on its own, but the high yield strategies often do not have as many bets per month, so it is better to use them as a group of strategies together. In fact, by using several strategies together we can reduce dependence on one strategy and spread risk. In the long term all these top strategies have shown that they make profit, but none of them make profit every month. They all have losing months. However, if we put them together into a multi-strategy system, we can smooth out the monthly results and have less losing months. For this reason, even with the high profit strategies, it is wiser to use them as part of a multi-strategy system.

Betaminic has an aggregator function where we can put strategies together and see what the results are like. We can see how the yield, average odds, win rate, drawdown would change and how the monthly profits look. Next we have put the top strategies from the different categories into aggregated multi-strategy systems. You can see the results below. Decide what your priority is: profit, yield or low drawdowns. Then, you can use these grouped systems as they are or start adding strategies to your own multi-strategy system from the rankings above.

High Profit System

Here 5 of the top 10 high profit strategies have been put together, each following a different betting market pattern. This is to create a profit focussed system.

OVER (over 2.5 goals), Colossus 12 Bore Draw (Draws), DOUBE CHANCE (1X), EPL INVERSA (Underdog), Pro5 Undefeated Home Dog (Home Win)


We can see from the monthly profits chart that there are smoother profits each month with much fewer losing months. The results show a fantastic 23 point points per month average. Over a year that could mean nearly 276 points. With a drawdown of -60, if you start with a standard betting bank of 100 points; stake 1 point per bet and re-calculate the stake of 1 point based on the current betting balance every 10 bets. This will protect the bank in bad runs and take advantage of good runs. At an average of 23 points per month, you might even double your bank every 6 months on average. This seems like a great strategy for profit building.

High Yield System

This high yield system is made up of 5 of the top 10 yielding strategies. This is to create a high yield system with all the strategies over 10% yields.

Missing Draws – Top Leagues (Draws), DOUBE CHANCE (1X), OVER (over 2.5 goals), Mid Table Team (Draws), HOMES YENI SHARE (Home Win)

This system shows slightly less profit than the previous system, 19 points average per month. This system has a lower drawdown than the profit system of -40 points. The data suggests that the betting bank could be doubled in 6 months. Again we can see how using multiple strategies together smooths out the monthly results and leads to a more stable progression. By using strategies that focus on different aspects of the betting markets, we also spread the risk if one of the trends changes.

Low Drawdown System

This Low Drawdown system is made up of 5 of the lowest drawdown strategies. This is to create a lower risk system with all the strategies of drawdowns under 15.

Colossus 03 Free Scoring Favourites (Favourite), No Draw Expected (12), Pro-Home (Home), Over 2.5 against the trend (Over 2.5 goals), DOUBE CHANCE (1X)

This low drawdown system manages to keep a yield of 8.97% but gets the drawdown to -20 which is lower than the High Profit System (-60) or the High Yield System (-40). Its average odds of 1.66 and win rate of 71% mean it should not have so many losses in a row and not stretch the betting bank. The data suggests an average of 8 points profit per month. With this system it would be possible to bet 4 points per bet from a standard 100 point betting bank with re-calculations of the stake size every 10 bets.


In conclusion, Betaminic has many strategies that have been running since 2018 and have a profitable pedigree. By looking at the “Since shared” view on the strategies page and looking at the Betaminic ratings, we can see the real winning betting strategies. From there we can choose those that match our betting style and spread risk in multi-strategy systems to have fewer losing months and better profits in the future.


Good luck in 2020. We have all the tools we need for success.


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